Whitey and Vicky have arrived!

Whitey and Vicky have arrived from the dog pound. It is very sad as their owner passed away leaving these two and two other who went to the Dogs Trust. Kerry has spoken with the original rescue and they were happy for them to be under BGP. Unfortunately they are not in the best of condition and need dentals. We are not talking badly about the owner who passed away, we are just very upset at the state of the dogs and that they both spent over a week in a pound. Vicky is 11 this year and Whitey is 7 this year. Poor Vicky was rehomed years ago but her owner went to hospital and never came out then again her last owner passed away. They will be going the vets next week. We could do with a few donations towards their vet care. Our PayPal is [email protected]. Thank you very much.

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