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Message from Kerry!

I said at the start of lockdown I think financially we will be okay for six months. Unfortunately I was right because now we have hit an all time low
On funds and the way it’s going we will be shutting our doors for any new intakes until we start getting more funds in. I understand all rescues are in the shit and people support so many and I respect that. We however need more standing orders set up even £2, £4 £5 a month no matter how little
It will add up. We usually run on about £3000 a month and we always just scrape by. With no events happening and all events cancelled we have lost so much money we are now at a stage where hard decisions need to be made on dogs we take in. We have recently took two dogs that needed major surgery that would have been pts if we didn’t which have really effected us financially. So my begging bowl is out for people to set up a standing order each month. I’m really not asking for a lot I know times are hard just a couple of pound a week will help so much. We all love this breed and we all need to dig deep and help these dogs. I’m expecting a wave of dogs needing rescue over the next few months and I never say no to any greyhound. I always try and help and if I can’t take the dog I find rescue for that dog. We help so many behind the closed doors to get them safe and we will of course always will do that but equally greyhounds will always need rescue and just in this week alone we have taken five newbies. Anyway please think about it even a couple of pound will add up and save dogs lives❤️

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