We need urgent funds to help Rex!

Message from Kerry!

We need to do an urgent fundraiser ASAP. Rex has had more seizures and was rushed to the vets. He has had 4 clusters now since he arrived with us and they are getting worse. He has had his bloods done twice and medication increased but it’s not helping. The vets now want to do a CT scan at a specialist vets but rather than it being 2k they are now charging 3k 😫 We don’t have this kind of money not even half spare. All our fundraising and events were cancelled due to the virus so we have just about kept our heads above water. We need to get Rex this scan ASAP to find out what’s going on because the worry is he is going to have a massive cluster of seizures and he won’t come out of it. We have already spent nearly 3k on him since he has been with us. If people can donate even a £1 it would I really help. I know times are hard for everyone but I have got my begging bowl out. If I had the money myself I would pay, our paypal adress is [email protected], please mark Rex.


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