We need help raising funds for our dogs in Spain!

Morning everyone. I really need help 🥴We have 11 hounds to get to the UK before the end of the year and all the rules change due to us leaving the EU ..The way it stands it will be almost impossible to bring dogs from Europe. We have Galgos, a Pod and five Irish racing greyhounds to get home.We need to raise the transport for each dog which is 300 euros, their vet’s work and boarding cost 😮 It is a massive undertake but we have to move these dogs within the next month or they will be stuck there for god knows how long. We are also taking 7 dogs from Galgo Del Sol so it’s a lot of dogs we are taking with a massive cost. .So really really really really need help.Our PayPal is [email protected] any donations that is just for this mission just add a note saying Galgos. Thank you as always .We have 5 leaving Spain today .The two Irish boys and 3 galgos.

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