We always need volunteers and there are so many ways you can help to fit around your life.


We attend many fundraising events for which you can volunteer. Sometimes we do bag packs at supermarkets or we attend dog shows or other public events. We will post these events on our events page so you can get in touch if there are events you think you can attend.

Become a home checker

We re-home greyhounds all over the UK so we need home checkers in as many parts of the country as possible. You would be given all the information you need to be a successful home checker. You would need to assess if the family, home and garden are suitable for one of our hounds.

Support our campaign work

You can ask to join our facebook page so you can share posts to help educate the wider public about the plight of racing greyhounds. You can also join us in sending emails to various bodies to demand a change in the law to protect greyhounds. You could join us at our peaceful demonstrations. There are regular demos at Perry Barr racing track, everyone in the group is very friendly and welcoming to new faces.


Obviously we’re biased but Greyhounds truly are special dogs unlike any other breed. Many of us become greyhound collectors! One is sometimes never enough.. They are elegant, lazy, loving and will steal your heart.