Updated Sponsorship Scheme

Good morning lovely people.
Our sponsorship scheme is now ready. To sponsor one of our beautiful dogs that are waiting for new homes please email [email protected] and Mandy will arrange the sponsorship with you.The sponsorship is £5 a month and will go towards vets,food and anything else the dog may need.
There’s no fix term and once your sponsor dogs has been lucky enough to be adopted you can either sponsor another hound or cancel the standing order. Each person will get monthly updates on the dog they are sponsoring also if you would like to meet the dog then that can also been arranged.
Homing is very very slow right now some of our dogs have been here months and Charlie over 12 months without a single viewing. This scheme wil not only help with much needed funds but also raise awareness for our dogs.
Have a great weekend and thank you once again for the support!

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