Update on Shelby!

Shelby (Racing Name Our Peaky Blinder) Greyhound Protection’s Irish greyhound we rescued in Holland has been the vets and the vets have confirmed he has multiple dog bites on him.😑😑😑This boy was exported to Holland to race then ended up on a advertisement for sale.Our volunteer collected him she didn’t provide ID or was even asked for any and has no checks at all. I know some people in Holland and most people that race greyhounds do it for fun. Well clearly it’s not fun for our dogs that are being exported for this purpose. From what I have found out the gambling on the greyhounds in Holland is all online with UK and American agencies.The Owner of Shelby has given away an Irish female last year, who was heavily pregnant 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩.This dogs deserve so much more I’m absolutely just sick of the abuse they suffer. To help towards his care and transport to the uk our PayPal is [email protected]

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