Update on Rex!

Message from Kerry!
Update on Rex. Sorry for the delay with the update I have just been so busy haven’t had a spare second. We raised just over £1500 for his CT scan so thank you everyone who donated really appreciate it. He had full bloods and the scan and it showed no abnormalities apart from his muscle enzyme were slightly raised which is to be expected with the amount of seizures he has had. The CT scan was clear. His pheno levels were 19 which are the low end of normal so that explains why he is having more seizures. His meds have been changed now and he is having another blood test in two weeks so things seem to be pointing in the right direction. This is now the hard part because I don’t think we will be able to rehome Rex because it’s a lot for someone to take on. I am looking for a long term foster for him that he can stay for the rest of his life. He is a super happy, friendly, cheeky lad and so deserves this chance. He will join the sponsor dogs and we will cover all his bills. He is super with dogs of all sizes and very playful. Theres a lot to think about one being the size of him and if he has a seizure he may need to be physically carried also if you have dogs how would they react because some dogs get frightened and will attack a dog having a seizure. Also he needs someone around a lot to keep an eye on him. Please email me if you want more info [email protected]!

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