Update on Lolly the podenco!

A long awaited update on Lolly πŸ’“
Lolly was rescued in Spain with her sister by Galgos del Sol
Her sister was adopted to America but sadly, due to an accident has since passed away.
Lolly is her own β€œperson”- humans are to serve her purposes ie; food and the giver of adventures. She maintains her distance and is ever guarded. These last few weeks though I have noticed her following me around everywhere. She still can not tolerate being touched; but when the mood takes her she will touch your hand and occasionally take food from you.
I suspect this will not change a huge amount.
I refuse to force myself upon her; as you will read in my next post about Felix it has taken a good 6 months to get Felix to a point where I no longer have to corner him to get a lead and harness on him
Lolly has a good time without human touch and has developed a right personality – cheeky, playful, needs other dogs around her (and is good with them), playful, barks when its teatime
or she needs to go pee.
I still have to have a long line on her in the paddock (its too big a space for her to tell me to screw myself she β€œaint coming in!) however, she shows me signs when she is ready to come in; subtle, but they are there. 😊
She is certainly a complicated soul with one eye – but she is a very happy soul and full of character.
If you dont need a dog on your lap or sitting next to you on the sofa; you are security conscious with experience of nervous dogs then she is a real 🌟 Het character is huge – which makes up for her insecurities. She loves going out, is extremely curious about the world and is a really cracking dog, In a less busy environment she will most likely bloom πŸ’“
Madam Lolly …. homes will be chosen very carefully for this girl

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