Update on Josh racing name DROOPY’S BLAIR

An update from Kerry, talking about the heartbreaking export of racing greyhounds to China:
“Josh was born and raced in Ireland under the Irish Greyhound Board. He didn’t get the protection that all greyhounds are promised by the Greyhound Racing Industry, instead, he was exported to China to one of the many breeding farms for Greyhounds.
I am anti-racing, as are all of our team here at Greyhound Protection UK; we campaign against the industry as well as being a rescue.
Before covid, we worked alongside Caged to expose all the dogs being exported to China from Ireland and the UK.
Josh (racing name Droopy’s Blair) is now living in the UK with four other hounds and a small blind fluffy. He loves life and loves just chilling being a Greyhound. If we hadn’t brought him to safty from China he would still be there now being bred from over and over like so many Irish, English and Australian dogs are.
Dogs are still being exported to this day yet the racing industry does nothing.
We have DNA proof that many Greyhounds from the dog meat trade in China have the same DNA as exported dogs and are linked to Irish, English and Australian dogs. People within the racing industry claim there’s no connection between Greyhounds being in the meat trade to racing greyhounds but absolutely there is. When I went to the underground tracks in China I watched the dogs race then many ended up at the meat market the same day.”

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