Update from Kerry on her 2 foster galgos!

Galgos Nickel and Sliver from Tina Wales Solera at Galgo Del Sol ❤️❤️They are going to be a long working progress. Sliver is really cheeky, he shouts at me to go and see him or for food and treats then he runs off barking at me. Nickel won’t come anywhere near yet. I had to get their coats off today as it’s warm that took 15 minutes as he was jumping around and messing himself. He actually wets and poos as soon as you go near him. I am going to look at taking them on walks soon but not rushing them as Nickel has a bite history when backed into a corner and I don’t want to put him in that situation again. They are eating well really, enjoying the warm weather. I know a home would be better but they are not ready at all. They have lovely beds in the kennel, a sofa and bedding outside so they can lay in the sun. They can see everything that’s going ❤️💗

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