Stride on Molly is coming home

Stride on Molly is leaving Spain to come to the UK under the wing of Birmingham Greyhound Protection. The video is Petal (pet name )being trained along side a van in Spain. The other two dogs are also Irish racing greyhounds. Petal has been in Spain 2 years and already had 3 litters of pups. She has also contracted leish while in Spain which dogs can get from a sandfly and can be fatal. She is on injections 3 times a week for 6 weeks then 2 injections a week for 6 weeks after that. If leish isn’t treated its fatal for dogs. Petal is the second exported greyhound from Spain we have had now with leish. Greyhound racing needs to be banned, its outdated and full of abuse and greed. Its a self regulated industry that relies on animals to make money. How can this still be happening in 2019? 85% of greyhounds in the UK come from Ireland. Ireland kills 6000 dogs a year and the UK kill 1000. This is without all the neglect, over breeding, exports etc. The industry just squeezes the life out the dogs for every single penny they can. Ban greyhound racing YOU BET THEY DIE

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