Silver and Nickel have moved to a new foster with a view to adopt!

Message from Kerry!

Just had a very emotional road trip to drop Sliver and Nickel to their new foster home. They are in foster with  Phyllis Barlow with a view to adopt both boys. I have really had to think hard about letting them go as a pair because Sliver has a bite history and they both feed off each other’s energy which isn’t really a positive thing. After talking to Phyllis and being a pain in the backside to her we agreed to try the boys. The lads came from Galgo Del Sol so I have chatted to Tina Wales Solera a million times about this aswell because I really didn’t want to do wrong by the boys. We have an agreement in place that everything is taken very slow even walks they won’t be walked for at least 3-6 months because they are such a flight risk and if they ever got loose we would never find them again. They have an outdoor run and a massive area inside the house and will be mixing with the rest of the dogs in the home. Will update how the boys are getting on ❤️❤️

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