Rex needs your help!

Rex who came over from Ireland last Saturday is really poorly at the vets . Rex has epilepsy and last night at 2am he had four seizures one after another . I spoke with foster and we both agreed to call the vets .The vet is concerned about Rex he is now on a drip and they are running bloods .😥😥😥😥😥.We have been quoted £600-£900 and that’s so far 😞 I know times are hard but can people please just help even a pound we can’t loose another one of our dogs .Our PayPal is Birminghamgreyhoun[email protected] or people can use our bank or call the vets direct .I have five dogs I need to get in ASAP before we shut the doors but now I’m so worried about funds and money I will end up having to cancel them. What an absolute shit time our rescue and others are having.


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