Poor Pippa’s Story

A couple of week ago Greyhound Protection UK had a female greyhound come into our care after she was picked up as a stray in Wales. She was taken to a dog pound on 7 days.
She was extremely underweight, had awful skin and cuts on her legs but worse of all she had a broken untreated leg that’s now fused together.
Due to her being a racing Greyhound, we could trace who she was and her Racing Name is Notorious Pippy who we now call Pippa.
I spoke with her last registered trainer who told me the owner of Pippa sold her to someone in Wales. I spoke with the owner who confirmed he did sell her to someone in Wales but can’t remember who and what the guy’s name was.
Apparently, no GBGB green form was filled in so for the last few years no one knows what’s happened to this girl or who she’s been with. The owner appeared to be upset but isn’t taking any responsibility even though she’s still in his name. He is also not offering any help towards Pippa’s vet care.
I have been fair and tried to sort this behind closed doors; I also contacted the GBGB but have heard nothing back as yet. Pippa is gaining weight now so we are hopeful we can now start planning on the best way forwards with her leg.
Where is the accountability for these dogs? Also, why should a rescue that’s absolutely on its knees already have to fund a dog that should be protected under the Racing industry?
We will be fundraising soon for Pippa once the vet has decided if the leg can be saved or not.

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