Please meet Joy!

I’m not sure where to start with this post I am so angry. Please meet Joy racing name Corey’s Joy. She was bred and raced in Ireland before being exported to Spain. This is her on the vets table after being made to run next to a van for 18miles in 20 minutes. She was actually being dragged as she was struggling to run. You can see the state of her paws where she was dragged. Joy is still registered to the Irish Greyhound Board. Will anyone from the racing industry do something about this? Greyhounds are being exported all over the world used as breeding machines, they are being drugged, they are being killed, they are being kept in horrific conditions. Some trainers I work with look after their dogs and we have a good working relationship but they know my feelings on the industry so we just work together to get the dogs homed. Joy is under Birmingham Greyhound Protection and now safe in boarding kennels until she is ready to come home in the New Year.

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