Please meet Tamy and Kikki!

Couple of days ago two female greyhounds were on fb being sold. As you can see by the post and screen shots they were being sold to either be track dogs or to be worked as the owner states that’s what he uses them for. Also in the screen shot next to the add someone asked if they could be bred from and that was also agreed that they could be. Anyway Greyhound Protection UK have these dogs now and we paid £400 for both. First £200 was accepted for both then the owner bumped it to £400 but he knocked £20 off because the one girl who we have named Tammy had an open sore on her leg.I don’t agree with paying for dogs but sometimes needs must and of people don’t agree that’s fine but for the sake of saving two dogs I think £400 is worth it . We found out who the girls were Rogully Mist and Ballymac NewYork and both girls were rehomed from the trainer only last month.They both raced at Doncaster greyhound track and apparently all GBGB green forms were filled in .Both girls need a dental and to be spayed which as a responsible rescue we are of course doing. Both Tammy and Kiki are now both chipped to me and are legally my dogs. The former owner wants the girls back and offered us the money back which was refused and I have also informed the GBGB I now have both girls in my care.Just another example that these dogs need and should always go via rescue rather than private homes and should always be neutered.Now safe and will be assessed before being rehomed. Thank you to the team who helped get these dogs safe.

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