Please meet Shelby rescued in Belgium!

Message from Kerry
Last week I posted an add that was on a site in Holland for an Irish greyhound being sold.I asked rescues in Holland and the ones I asked for whatever reason couldn’t help me get this lad safe.So with some team work from a couple of a Greyhound Protection UK supporters and two amazing ladies in Belgium we have got this boy safe.We have called him Shelby and his racing name is Peaky Blinder. He isn’t in the best condition and has been living in a stable😡.He has been badly attacked at some point by a dog and his ears are badly bitten and infected. He was used in Holland to race on the Greyhound track there. Now I feel I have opened a can of worms because I didn’t have any clue there was a track in Holland. What is more worrying is the Irish Kennel Club have signed this boys certificate for him to be exported. So now it seems the Irish Kennel Club are now helping the racing industry to export racing greyhounds.What chance to these poor dogs have ? It just gets worse and worse for them.They are literally being sent all over the world. Shelby got lucky he will becoming home to the UK and he will have the retirement he so fully deserves.The racing industry sure do have a lot to answer for the way they use and disregard these dogs. To help with Shelby’s care and finally his transport to the UK our PayPal is [email protected]

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