Please meet Poppy!

Message from Kerry!
My new foster girl Poppy😢This is a real sad case because her owner has been taken into hospital so for now I am just fostering her as I don’t know what will happen with the owner but I am going to try and get her signed over. She was original homed by the RGT but her ear marks are so faded I am struggling to read them but have the chip details. I  have spoken to two RGT branches and given the owners details but they also can’t trace her. The owner has had her ten years so she’s at least 12 years old I would say.I have spoken to the care team team of the owner to get permission to get Poppy to the vets as her teeth are horrific. We already owe a million pound to the vets so one vet bill isn’t going to hurt 🥴 She actually makes Mable the other old girl look like a young dog.

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