Please meet Charlie-Chicago Fire!

Charlie racing name Chicago Fire is the lad we collected last night from Gumtree .He is a GBGB registered dog but last raced on the GBGB tracks last August. He was then sold to be raced on flapping tracks which are unregulated tracks. He raced Friday night picked up an injury then after apparently seeing a vet with no practice he was sent home with painkillers and then the owner put him on gumtree for sale. He wanted £300 but I got him down to £250.The reason he wouldn’t drop anymore was because apparently this person brought him for £1300. I have the GBGB form which came with him with all the old owners details on not the guys I brought him from.The owner now wants Charlie back because he cares a lot for him and he doesn’t want me thinking he don’t care for his dog🙄🙄🙄. Charlie is still at the vets and I will update people later.The Owner will not be having him back.


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