Please meet Bonnie!

Another responsible homing from the racing industry. Please meet new girl Bonnie racing name Choden Bonnie. She found herself on pets4homes for sale after racing AatSheffield 3 weeks ago, then she had a run at Askern Sunday and apparently her foot is sore from the sand. It is clear to see that Bonnie has a racing injury in her leg. She is a tiny little dot and mega stressed right now which is understandable. The owner didn’t want her to go to rescue because apparently rescues pts the dogs. So instead they put her for sale and sold her to the first person who asked for her ME. I wasn’t asked for ID I wasn’t even asked my name. Lucky for little Bonnie she is safe and will get everything she needs and deserves.Thank you to Maria Barratt for collecting Bonnie and paying the £200 for her.

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