Penny’s Trooper Irish greyhound found in Spain!

While making negotiations with the Galguero in Spain for Cooleagh Chick we also agreed to buy a male greyhound called Penny’s Trooper last known owner in Ireland is Mr Anthony Hamilton. He last raced in Ireland 2017 and was then sent to Spain. He has been bred and passed around like a machine. We also managed to get an off spring male greyhound. Pennys Trooper is five years old this year but rather than him have a retirement he was shipped to Spain. The scary thing is these dogs are so cheap I can’t believe anyone needs a few hundred pound knowing they are sending a dog to hell. These dogs never have a home they are just bred from. Spain is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths of sighthounds each year yet the self regulated racing industry still thinks is ok to send the dogs there. All I ever hear is the same old story that “greyhounds love to run “ “we love our dogs “ blah blah blah blah it’s so boring because it’s lies. Its about time the racing industry and the little key board warriors actually do something to protect the dogs instead of turning a blind eye or just coming out with “there’s only a few bad apples in the industry and don’t tar us with the same brush “anyone who is apart of the racing industry is to blame because everyone knows this goes on and does nothing to stop it. Luckly Troopers Penny will have his retirement soon. His brother Faz Blade is also in Spain but we can’t find him for sale anywhere. I work with one other person on the Spanish dogs finding them and without her these dogs wouldn’t have a chance. So much work goes on behind the scenes it’s hours and hours of work. We will absolutely stop the exports of racing greyhounds and I honestly believe in my lifetime we will see the end of dog racing in the UK and Ireland.

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