Our 9 new rescues in Ireland!

The trainer in Ireland called the vet in order to kill all of these 9 greyhounds. We have Betsy’s sister, Betsy’s pups and Betsy’s pups pups .They are now booked into boarding kennels, it’s £5 a night per dog so have agreed to pay 30 nights up front so we need to raise £1350 😖😖😖😖 It was either this or they would die. All dogs are meant to be really sweet and friendly. I am so worried about racing greyhounds because racing has stopped because of the virus so that means some trainers can’t afford to keep their dogs. Even a pound will help our PayPal is [email protected]. He is the same trainer who had Betsy. He took her to the rescue pregnant with all of her pups dead inside of her. She nearly died but thankfully she has recovered and in foster in the UK.

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