We lost Petal! Message from Kerry!

Petal racing name Stride On Molly died in the early hours. Petal was 4 year old Irish bred racing greyhound who was exported to Spain two years ago. If you know Petal you would know how upsetting this is she was a nervous girl and scared of noises including loud traffic. Last year we found her on a site in Spain for sale. She was passed around in Spain already loads for breeding and this was going to happen until she couldn’t have pups anymore. We brought her for less than £300. She was tested positive for Leish which is a disease caused by sandfly in Spain . She arrived to the UK last November and to say I was happy is an understatement because now she finally had her chance to be happy and not to be used as a machine. She had regular checks at the vets and bloods as she was taking medication for her leish. Just over a week ago she started displaying symptoms of leish so we rushed her to the emergency vets where she stayed pretty much for the week. Leish effects they kidneys and in Petals case hers were in complete failure. She stopped eating and was only kept alive last night from the fluids flushing her kidneys out. The vet told me they are managing her pain but she’s suffering and won’t even get up. I asked if I could be there they while she was pts but I couldn’t because of the virus. I fostered Petal before she went to Shelley Palmer Boyd and her wonderful family. The only small positive I can take from this is the last 5 months she was loved and was treated with the respect and care she deserved. Shelley and family treated her like their own and for that I’m really grateful for . I am so angry and upset that Petal went through this all. The disgusting racing industry are sending 500 dogs still a year to Spain and no one bats an eyelid. All these pro racers that bore everyone sayings they love their dogs well what about dogs like Petal ? What about all the dogs being exported to live a life of hell, These dogs that are exported aren’t ever being exported to be pets they are being exported to be exploited and used and abused over and over again. The racing industry discredit people that stand up to them and try and bring them down. It doesn’t work because I will keep exposing this disgusting abusive industry for the rest of my life. How anyone can be in a industry that is responsible for 7000 deaths a year in Ireland and the UK and a industry where dogs are being exported to counties with no or very little welfare is beyond me . This isn’t bullshit this is all fact and just the tip of the iceberg. The racing industry is a self regulation industry that relies on the dogs to make profit. In 2020 how can we still have this industry and no one is stopping it ? its shameful we are a nation of dog lovers but greyhounds the oldest breed in history is forgotten. Rest easy my little Petal I’m truly sorry you were born in to the industry and we couldn’t save you!

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