Holy Bound Irish greyhound rescued in Spain

Holly was bred and raced in Ireland then exported to Spain. Holly’s racing name is Holy Bound. She was born on 1/9/12. While she was in Spain she was bred from at least 5 times. She settled in foster in the UK. She ia living with 5 dogs who she gets on great with, she walks lovely on the lead, she is house trained. She is just a sweet girl that didn’t deserve to be treated the way she was. Holly is our first exported greyhound we have got from Spain and she will not be the last one. We will try and bring as many home as we can because Spain is no place for a sighthound. Thousands of sighthounds are killed in Spain each year yet the racing industry sends around 200/400greyhounds each year. We are collecting lots of data on exports to help us get it stopped.

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