Benny, Cooper and Dibi have arrived in the UK!

Benny black male race name Bad to the Bone ,Cooper white-brindle male race name Empty Hope and Dibi white female bred in Spain from Irish greyhounds all have arrived in the UK. Both boys were bred in Ireland then once the industry didn’t want them they were sold to Spain to be used as breeding machines. We found them being sold on a greyhound /Galgo selling site. The people that support the racing industry claim all race dogs get homes once they are retired all the dogs are treated well and people like me make everything up 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄. It is amazing how I keep finding these dogs in diffrent countries. The industry is rotten to the core. All greyhounds that make it out the industry are rescued not retired. All 3 of these beautiful dogs will be for adoption once assessed and once they are all neutered.

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