BGP Kennel News

As of the 1st march 2018 the kennels we rent now will be closing. When we started renting the kennels four years ago we weren’t sure how long we would have them, this was due to the HS2 train which will be coming down the lane where the kennels are. The landlords have now sold the house to the train company which means the kennels are sold as well. Ronnie is coming home with me, he will have a massive kennel in my garden until he is ok with my dogs and cats then he will be in my house. All other dogs will be going to foster homes. BGP will not be closing, we will go back to being a foster based rescue and I’m looking at boarding kennels as a back up. This is the exciting part…my plan is to fund raise for 12-18 months to buy our own kennels along with a rehabilitation centre for the CCR meat trade dogs. So everyone’s main focus for the next 12 months will be new kennels. We need to talk to a legal team first and look at plans to see if we are better buying land or kennels. Once we know I will update people. BGP is NOT closing and all 800 plus dogs rehomed still have rescue back up for life. We were looking at renting the kennels back but they need so much work it would be a waste a money. We feel the best way forward is for BGP to own kennels

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