Greyhound deaths reveal dark side to dog racing

Joy Battley is a greyhound enthusiast but her close involvement with the sport has meant she has seen its darker side.

She knows the breed well through racing her own at a track in Harlow, as well as managing Barley Kennels in Waltham Abbey – a rehoming centre for retired greyhounds.

It has meant she has seen first-hand how quickly dogs can be discarded with numerous owners often opting to put animals down rather than pay expensive veterinary bills when injuries occur.

“For a nation of dog lovers we don’t do very well,” she says.

She is adamant that those profiting the most need to face up to their responsibilities.

“Bookmakers, who benefit greatly from the sport, especially at the moment, are putting more pressure on the trainers to have more dogs but those dogs have got to have somewhere to go when they finish racing.”

It is estimated there are 13,500 racing greyhounds in Britain.

Data taken from UK race tracks – published for the first time by the Greyhound Board of Great Britain – shows how, in 2017, hundreds of dogs were injured and destroyed after racing.

Around 5,000 injuries were recorded and, of those, more than 900 dogs were put down.


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