New girl Layla!

Please meet Layla racing name Madness Lady. Layla was bred and ran in Ireland then was sent to Spain for breeding. Spain for sighthounds is pretty horrific. Layla spent two years in Spain being passed from pillow to post before we were finally able to rescue her. Layla is now in foster in the UK and being treated for leish. Leish is caught by sandflies in Spain and without treatment can be deadly. Layla is the 3rd ex racing Irish greyhound we have rescued from Spain with leish. Nobody within the industry is doing a dam thing to stop the exports but soon as a rescue or a campaign groups exposes them they all start crying. Not one person has ever offered to help me with any dogs I have rescued from Spain or China that have been raced in the UK or Ireland. They would rather be keyboard warriors talking a whole load of ribbish on Facebook than actually doing anything. Greyhound racing is out dated and full of abuse and exploitation of animals. I have a big expose to do soon on catching a trainer first hand selling dogs to me to export to Spain. Layla will be up for adopted in due time for now she is making for lost time . You bet they die!

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