New addition in West Sussex! Hello George!


This stunning lad is only 3yrs old and has already spent over a year in Spain after being bred and raced in Ireland.He was being passed around to different hunters before we discovered him on a selling site.

He’s originally from Ireland, was raced and then exported to Spain.

Winston has a heart condition that’s been fully investigated by our vets in the UK and, after various tests, it was concluded that he can lead a normal life.

He currently does not require any medications but it would be good practice and in his best interests to have a heart scan in another year to compare with the one we have on record in UK.

Winston is the most gentle, kind boy, he gets on great with everyone he meets and loves children.

He’s good with dogs of all types, including small breeds.

He’s the perfect gentleman on the lead and takes everything in his stride.

Winston will thrive in a home environment and after all he’s endured in his short life, it’s what he deserves..

He is in West Sussex please email [email protected] ❤️

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