Message from Kerry!

Since loosing our kennels we rented two years ago things have been pretty stressful trying to get dogs in. We are looking at buying kennels at some point for BGP and Candy Cane Rescue. Until we can do this I have a plan to make more spaces for dogs. So Ronnies kennel is massive and can fit two greyhounds in easily so we will be using that from now on. Also I have a big garage that is just used as a storage so we are going to refurbish it to make it a space for dogs. We will take the door off and get it bricked up with a window in, sound proof it, paint it, put heating in to make it suitable for dogs. This way I can have 7/8 fosters at my house where they will be cat tested, dog tested and they will interact with children. We will have a team of volunteers helping with walks and the washing. In a few weeks I will be looking for a builder who would like to help with the garage. We also need some new fleeces for the beds because everyone knows how much I like to make dog beds so if anyone is out and about and wants to treat our dogs grab one please. This is not perfect but it will work until we get kennels.

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