Message from Kerry!

Last week Greyhound Protection UK rescued four dogs in Spain after we were informed about them on a selling site by Rita James from Caged Nationwide.One was a female Irish exported greyhound and her off spring son. The other two were galgos that are used for hunting in Spain. When I first saw the photo on the selling site I noticed the letter J had been painted on Nala the Irish girl which is strange I haven’t seen that before and neither have a few rescues in Spain I asked .Now she’s with us in the boarding kennels in Spain and been vet checked etc it turns out it’s actually her fur the J has been burnt of her with something that is used on cattle like a cattle prod 😖😖😖😖(that’s a disgrace too ) .We paid €800 for all 4 dogs the Irish girl was the most expensive one she was €500. I don’t like to buy dogs infact I hate giving people like Nala’s owner money but the alternative would have been to just leave her and the other 3. Greyhounds bred and raced in Ireland under the IGB (Irish greyhound board ) and dogs under the GBGB (Greyhound Board of Great Britain) should never be exported for breeding ,hunting or racing .Many dogs were rescue from from that are Irish are still registered in Ireland and the UK .The racing industry is a complete and utter disgrace and full of greed and abuse . Some of these pro racers would sell their soul for money. We see time and time again the racing industry sells dogs to countries for self gain knowing full well the dogs will never become pets and have retirements. I don’t know how these monsters sleep at night .The whole of the racing community should stand up against the export of racing greyhounds because that’s how it will be stopped .All four dogs will come to England when they are ready and transport is sorted so they can start new lives .Nala will finally get the retirement she deserves .You Bet They Die .( the video is them with their old owner .The little fawn dog had already been sold 😞 )

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