Meet new arrival Jack

Jack came to GPUK just a few days ago – here are some words from Kerry:

“So a few months ago I was asked to take a Greyhound called Jack. The family agreed to wait until I had space. His racing name is Not So Blue. He had been in his family for two years after being adopted from a rehoming centre down south.
Jack had snapped a few times in his home but never broken the skin. Jack’s family were having a BBQ and someone that the family and Jack didn’t know, walked into the garden with food and Jack being a Greyhound went to take some of the food from the plate. This lady did no more than drag Jack away and went on to belt him 3 times. Jack was scared and snapped and caught the lady and again didn’t break the skin.
Unfortunately Jack’s family although heartbroken felt they couldn’t keep Jack safe. They called the Greyhound Rehoming Centre to take Jack back as they know him very well. They said Jack would be pts. They didn’t ask to see the video of the incident which was caught on camera. I asked for the CCTV footage and you can see it all happen and can see it wasn’t Jack’s fault.
The centre confirmed to me today yes they would have killed Jack because they can’t take the risk. When did it become the easy option to just kill a four year old dog because someone hit him and he tried protection himself??? I can’t really say how I feel because I don’t get it, PTS should never just be the first option and easy way out. Not until all avenues have been exhausted do you make a decision to end a life. If a dog really attacks then I can understand but not like this. No advice or help was given just that he would be killed. So so disappointing and dam right lazy.
Jack is settling well with Greyhound Protection UK and is now under assessment. He is a lovely gentle boy but sensitive so we will go at his pace.”



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