Little Hope in her new home.

Little Hope went to her forever home today. Hope was rescued in Ireland by Sarah Connolly after she was taken to the vets at just two years old to be pts. Fast Friends in America had said they wanted to take her when she was ready. She travelled to the UK last year to Vaughan before she got her flight to the states.

While with Vaughan she was terrified and bit him out of fear so unfortunately it was decided she couldn’t fly to the states. Sarah asked if I could help and when she arrived she was absolutely terrified and walking on her tummy. After a few days her cheeky Charlie side started to come out and she was so playful.

After less than a day in a home she’s already being cheeky stealing slippers and wanting to play. She’s still very hand shy but I’m sure with time it will come. Big thanks to Vaughan Harman for getting bitten and still not blaming Hope but wanting to help her and thanks to Sarah for saving her. She has been rehomed with a house collar, double ended lead, walking collar and she has a tracker.

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