Lilly needs a special home!

Lilly is still waiting for that special home. She has been in foster for nearly 5 months and settled so much. She needs a very understanding home
As she goes from 0-10 in seconds and needs help to come down in certain situations. She is so loyal and actually really funny as she is so dam
cheeky. The main issue with Lilly is she likes the sound of her own voice and doesn’t care who she shares that with. In the house she is chilled but barks when someone comes to the house or it’s walk time. On walks it’s a whole different experience 😂😬 She will bark at dogs, cats, bikes, mobility chairs, ducks, crisp packets anything that she wants to tell off really. She is not actually aggressive and once she meets a dog she is really good. She does not bother with my cats anymore either. She loves toys more than anything in the world. She had a hard life going to Spain for two years after being raced so has needed time to adjust and will need patience from her new family. I would absolutely keep her in a heat beat because as I say I find her very funny because she has so much to say but behind all that she is a sensitive soul that wants to please so bad. I can’t keep dogs anymore because then a dog looses a place in rescue so I have to assess my fosters and then rehome them. Lilly will be good with a small pack or no dogs.

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