Lets get Charlie boy a home for Christmas

Time to get Charlie boy a home for Christmas

Charlie arrived into the care of Greyhound Protection UK in April 2021. Admittedly when he arrived he was a challenge and had very high prey drive. The team in Lincolnshire have worked extremely hard with Charlie to get him to where he is now. He will always need to be muzzled on walks in case a small breed ran towards him. He will now enjoy his walks without taking any notice of other dogs.

He is the most loyal happiest boy you could ever wish to meet. He is an extremely clean boy and loves to sleep on his back with his legs spread showing the world what he has He is super friendly, loves to play with humans with his toys, he loves to be groomed and just loves to be around humans to give hugs. Whoever decides to take a chance on Charlie will be extremely lucky because he is an amazing boy who has been over looked time and time again.

For more information please email [email protected]


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