Johs, Thomas, Pirate have arrived in the UK!

The 3 boys from Spain have arrived. Josh is a Irish greyhound called Serenity Blue. The other blue boy Thomas is a full greyhound bred from Irish greyhound in Spain. Pirate is a galgo cross greyhound but the hunter did scam us because he told us he was an Irish greyhound. When the team went to collect the dogs things got very heated as he didn’t expect us to know to check for ear tattoos. We have the Irish dogs passport but I’m not posting his name because I’m not giving up hope we can find him. He only went to Spain this summer after racing in the UK and is still registered to the GBGB. All boys are in foster with me in Lincolnshire.They are saying bye bye to their love plums next week. All amazing boys ❤️❤️❤️

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