Irish greyhound found in China

This beautiful boy is SPARTA BOUNTY. He is now in mainland China in breeding kennels. He was born in Cork Ireland and last raced at Waterford. He is for sale for 16k. We will try and follow him in China and hopefully when he is older he will be cheaper. Just absolutely gutted for him. He was bred and raced in Ireland then sent to China where he will
never become a pet, he will never retire and if he isn’t rescued he will spend the rest of his life being used as a breeding machine. His pups stand no chance either. China has no animal protection laws, greyhounds can’t be pets in China in the main city due to height restrictions. Greyhounds are constantly being found in slaughter houses and meat markets. Greyhounds are used to kill stray dogs in china. At Candy Cane Rescue we have had 4 greyhounds that were used for this purpose. I would rather dogs be PTS rather being sent to places like China. Lets hope we meet this lad one day.

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