Irish bred Greyhound cruelly exported to Spain is coming home with GPUK!

Irish bred racing greyhound Gothic Dream is now on her way to the UK.

She was rescued by Greyhound Protection UK after we found her on a selling site in Spain. She raced in Ireland and rather than her get a retirement like so many other racing greyhounds she was shipped to Spain for breeding.

She has been passed around in while in Spain to 5 different breeders.Greyhounds that are exported to Spain will never become pets they are purely on used as breeding machines.

The racing industry and all the industry’s supporters turn a blind eye to this and don’t do anything to try and stop export of racing greyhounds.I have been called racist by some racing peeps because I object the dogs being exported to counties like Spain,China etc.It’s not about being racist it’s about the welfare of the dogs and the dogs having the protection they deserve.Greyhounds are one of most used and exploited animals on the planet.

Her new name is Katie.

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