Sorley and Realtin

Lovely messsage form one of ours adopters!

Thought I’d share the lovely Sorley and Réaltín (Teeny). They were Sam and Star – now they have the Irish versions of those names. They came here in January after being rescued by Kerry from the fate of being sold for breeding in Spain. Both incredibly happy and in love with their cat friends. Sorley (fawn boy) is just a big cuddly, playful buffoon. Teeny (black girl) was very scared and damaged when she came but is now very bouncy and cheeky. She’s still scared of people, especially men, on walks so is loving social distancing, which is allowing her to focus properly on her squirrel obsession.

I couldn’t imagine life without them, and they are the perfect hounds for our family. Thanks to Kerry and BGP for matching us to them.