We adopted Kayleigh was ( Lady ) on her third birthday, 2nd June this year…

She’s settled in really well to live with her older, grumpy, lurcher brother Ernie, who gets a bit fed up with her wanting to play first thing in the mornings, which is a regular thing, our two cats & two Guinea Pigs. Sometimes she still has a jealous grumble at the cats if they are on the sofa getting cuddles or if they want to come past her to come upstairs for a morning cuddle but on the whole she is very good with them.

She helped to lead her first GGGW at Poole, Dorset, just one week after arriving in her new home. She’s enjoyed a first holiday in the Forest of Dean & has made some good doggy friends on her local walk at the nearby nature reserve.

Being sold on gumtree as an unspayed young bitch her life could have ended up very differently, if not for BGP ! Huge thanks from her & me to BGP & to her foster mum Kerry Mansell I’ve included a couple of photos of her in her GGGW outfit, on holiday with Ernie posing at a gardens we visited & at our local nature reserve.

Thank you for all your hard work for BGP.

Kind Regards, Amanda