Floki and Frenya

Thank you Mark and Hayley for a lovely update on our two hounds!

Adopting Floki & Frenya 🙂 Floki came to us summer June 2019. We talked to Kerry with a view to adopting & giving a forever home, as with all the dogs they all have different stories and pasts. Floki had been rehomed several times, so we agreed to meet Monika & Blake ( fosters) and meet up with Floki. Still remember him getting out the back of the car and thinking he really is a big fella. He is very strong but at the same time a gentle giant, and so that Saturday in June 2019 Mr Floki got his forever home. I guess it took him around two to three weeks to start to settle. Its pretty quiet where we live so the odd little noise outside would make him a little anxious, or he would pace about a bit but slowly over that month he started to settle, and more and more of his personality started to come out. He loves to play, he has loads of affection and is a big cuddle monster. You have to watch him with smaller dogs & cats. Its a dog thing. They either get on or they dont, so if in doubt we always have muzzle at the ready, but speaking honestly he just takes other dogs in his stride. He is a pretty chilled out guy. He also attracts a lot of attention. My wife and I on our travels will have people come up wanting to say hello to him but are a little intimidated by his size, but he loves the fuss. Since last summer he really has come out of himself and has the most gorgeous personality 🙂 He can be strong on the lead, and freezes from time to time but as I said all these guys come with little quirks. He is very clingy to my wife and I, but then you have to think he had a history of being passed around and being rehomed but we are really very happy to say he has settled down and is really content and relaxed in his forever home. We absolutely love him to bits 🙂 Little Miss Frenya. Back in December 2019 Kerry, Hayley & I talked about getting Mr Floki a friend, and so we made our way to Birmingham to meet foster mum Sandra, and wow what a great greeting that was. She is a ex racer. Shes only a little one, but has a big personality, herself and Floki got on really well. So we were delighted to offer a forever home there and then. She seemed to settle quite quickly, but was still a bit nervous. She needed to pee a fair bit so we just observed her movements and when it looked like she might take a nervous pee we just intercept and open the back door, issue solved. She is a bonny girl, full of love and affection, but also mischief. She worked out how to use a peddle bin, seriously! If she is hungry she will pick up her bowl and drop it at your feet, Oh and she collects things!,Tho I am not convinced she knows why lol!! Like walking off with your pyjamas, socks, paper back books then suddenly just discarding them in the hallway or living room, so funny. She has us in bits, she takes other dogs in her stride too, again she is not fond of cats so obviously you watch out for those situations. She settled in pretty quickly, and like Floki follows you everywhere. She is an absolute sweetheart. On a personal note Hayley and I would like to give Kerry,Monika & Sandra huge thanks. Adopting & Giving a forever home is really rewarding all round.These dogs dont come out of themselves over night. It takes time,You learn as you go along over time about things, so a little patience, loads of love, time and care you will be rewarded with heaps of magical moments. Mr Floki & Little Miss Frenya conclusion-Not just adopted, but Family. Wouldnt part with a inch of them 🙂