A lovely message from our recent adopters!
Hello, all! I’m not sure if these posts are usually put up on this page as I’ve just joined but wanted to update on a BGP dog we rescued. 🐶
This was Bruce (we were told he also responded to “Dash” so we have since changed his name to Dash) who was given up by his family. Does anybody remember seeing him!? ☺️
We knew he had nipped in the past but I have just read on this page that he was actually going to be pts due to this which breaks our hearts. 😢
He is still a bit mouthy and boisterous so he walks with a muzzle, but he loves a run with his best whippet friend and him and his brother have come on so well together.
I couldn’t imagine life without our Dashy boy, he is the softest boy ever and SO obedient. Literally our dream dog. While we are sad he was given up, we are so happy he is ours now with a forever home!
We are constantly working as he is slightly lead reactive to big, fluffy dogs but that’s nothing we can’t train him out of with a lot of persistence and a LOT of treats! 😍 So, hello from Dashy boy and a big thank you to BGP!!! ❤️❤️❤️