Bella aka Macarena

Bella AKA Macarena.
We were originally looking for a cat friendly Lurcher when I came across an article about the Galgo .I couldn’t believe the horrific treatment they endured in Spain, but it’s true, so this and the tendency towards being cat friendly had me hooked on the breed.

Bella was in foster care with Sarah and as luck would have it not far from where I live.

I went and saw this timid little girl and it took almost an hour before she would let me stroke her ear ,by then I was smitten.
After a couple of phone calls and a home visit we picked her up a few days later. She was very nervous of men (inc me) but better with Sam my girlfriend.
We had a disaster after only 2 days when she escaped from what appeared to be a secure garden ,but with lot’s of help perseverance we got her back.
She has now been at home for 2 solid weeks and the transformation day by day has been a joy to watch. She is not nervous with us anymore, she is putting weight on nicely and she is not looking to escape as she used to.

Bella loves her walks over the downs and along the beach, we have had a few tail wags ,her recall in the garden and house is coming along nicely.
Very few accidents in the house and ignores the cat 😍😍.

She is always on the lead at the moment, but really enjoys a run and we usually cover about 5 to 6 miles a day, this keeps her very calm at home.
Considering her past she has adapted amazingly well, in such a,short time she totally captured our hearts . Thank you so much to Kerry and Sarah for saving her and for your support, this little girl means the world to us (not great for our love life tho) we are always knackered.