Hi, we’ve had Albie (was Sid) for 8 months now so thought I’d let everyone know how he’s getting on. When we asked to adopt Albie it was explained to us how nervous he was and that it was a case of “baby steps” with him, so I probably won’t be able to explain fully in words just how much his confidence has grown since he adopted us ..
He’s just fab, we couldn’t have wished for better!
Now his personality is starting to shine through, he makes us laugh everyday. He loves routine, has to have his breakfast at the exact time everyday followed by a pigs ear, otherwise he’ll let you know! He loves his cuddles and if you stop stroking him, he’ll throw his head back and “snap” at the air, it’s his way of telling you to carry on, don’t stop. 😂 He’s really beginning to relax on his walks now and is happy to venture further from home which is great. He sleeps in the living room with Luna (our Greyhound girl) but every morning, as soon he knows we’re awake he runs upstairs and has to get into bed for a cuddle … but he has to lie across the pillows!! I could go on and on, he’s got so many beautiful quirks, that make him so special!! I don’t know what I could even fault him on, he’s gentle, loves all animals and has a mischievous side that we’re seeing more and more everyday, he’s perfect for us!! Thank you Sarah and Kerry, well always be grateful to you both! Xx