Happy Bithday to us!

Message from Kerry the founder!

Birmingham Greyhound Protection is 8 years old today 😍 In 8 years we have grown from strength to strength and rescued over 1500 dogs. We are actively campaigning against the racing industry because ultimately we want greyhound racing to be a thing of the past. We are by no means perfect but everything we do is for the dogs and they always come first. We have a very good team of volunteers and some have been here with me from the very first day and others have joined along the way. I can’t actually believe it’s been 8 years already the time has flew by. I have set up BGP after volunteering at a local rehoming centre for 6 years. I wanted to openly talk out about the racing industry and what happens to the dogs that’s why I start BGP. I went to Birmingham city centre with a tenner in my pocket some leaflets on anti racing and met up with Saranne Frear and that was the start of it all. The plan was to rescue a couple of dogs a month 🥴 Rescue can be very very stressful at time and I know so many jobs are so I’m not playing the poor me card but anyone who runs a rescue will understand.You can never switch off and basically on call 24/7 .Theres times I could walk away and just live a normal life but I know that will never happen because these dogs especially greyhounds have got me and I will fight for them for the rest of my life. Iam  also extremely lucky to have found Steve Hill who wants to share this crazy world with me because not many people can cope with being with someone who runs a rescue. I know it’s hard to believe but I can be a hot head and a nightmare at times 🤪. Anyway thank you everyone who supports us and have been loyal year in year out. Things are so difficult right now in this crazy world but one positive is we are now starting to rehome some of our wonderful hounds. Happy Birthday to US 😘😘

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