Happy 10th Birthday Greyhound Protection UK!!!

Special day here at GPUK we are ten years old today!!!
What a rollercoaster ten years we have had.When i set up Birmingham Greyhound P{rotection as it was then my aim was to rescue maybe one dog a month and raise awareness about the Greyhound Racing.
I use to help a local Greyhound centre and they do a good job homing dogs but I was anti greyhound racing and wanted to stand up for what I believed in.I’m proud to say we have never ever backed down or tried to be something we are not.We are Anti Greyhound Racing and want Greyhound Racing and the export of Racing dogs banned.
We have rehomed over 1500 dogs and rescued many more with working with amazing rescues.We have taken dogs from all over the world and work with some incredible people over the other side of the pond,in Europe and of course Ireland.
I feel very lucky that the team we have are solid.We have had people leave over the years and new people join but the main team have always been there and some of them even before I started the rescue.All the volunteers are valued even if we don’t always see eye to eye we are all in this for the dogs.In rescue it’s up and down all the time and sometimes it makes you feel like you are going insane because because you literally don’t have a second it’s none stop.Looking after the dogs is the easy part really it’s the rest of it that’s draining and takes over your life.
I live and breath these dogs and as much as I love them is that same amount of hate I have towards the racing industry.It’s full of greed and abuse with thousands of dogs dying each year.
Thank you everyone for supporting us and helping us do what we do.We have bill vet bills and boarding bills in Spain atm so if anyone wants to send us a small gift towards this for our birthday that would be amazing.I will do a separate post about my first Greyhound later and it would be great to hear other peoples stories.
A/C: 16279041
S/C: 83-04-25
Royal Bank of Scotland

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