Fagans Amigo- Irish greyhound saved in Spain!

Please meet Amber racing name Fagans Amigo.Amber was bred in Ireland then sold for breeding to a breeder in Spain. She was never meant to have been found or rescued but was simply sold to be used as a machine for breeding. Thankfully Greyhound Protection UK did find her and with the help of some special people she is now safe and has transport booked to the UK for next month. Amber is just another registered racing greyhound with the Irish Greyhound board that’s has been exported to a life of hell .400/500 greyhounds are still going to Spain every single year from Ireland and the UK .We have rescued many greyhounds that have still be registered under the Greyhound Board of Great Britain that were in Spain .The racing people always say that racing greyhounds are treated like kings ,the dogs love to run ,the dogs have an amazing life ,the dogs find happy homes when their racing days are over blah blah blah .Some trainers admittedly are better than others and do find homes for their dogs or rescue space and so they should but the racing industry on a whole is full of greed ,lies and abuse. How can dogs still be being exported to counties like Spain that kill tens of thousands of sighthounds each year ?.Dogs are still being exported to counties with no welfare such as China ,Pakistan etc and contrary to some people’s beliefs greyhounds are still dogs .How can an industry still allow this to happen ?.Theres a little bunch of keyboard warriors on Facebook that are pro racing who are incredibly boring and are always saying the dogs are treated so well and so loved etc yet no one has addressed the exports 🙄🤔.Its so lazy to be involved in an industry where you know something like the exports is going on yet do nothing.Its like working in a home for the elderly and you know there’s abuse going on and you don’t say anything .Just because you are not the abuser if you sit back and do nothing to stop abuse you are just as bad as that abuser. I personally have actually been slagged off for buying Irish dogs from exported counties because apparently according to the pro racers I’m creating a market for it 🙄🙄🙄🙄.You couldn’t make it up really if it wasn’t so sad it would be funny.We do buy a small percentage of dogs when we can and as much as I hate giving the buyers the money if we didn’t who else is going to help these dogs 🤔?the industry that is meant to protect them certainly isn’t helping them or even trying to stop them being exported. The racing industry is an outdated industry that’s self regulated that relies purely on the dogs to make money .Dogs are over bred ,thousands are killed each year because they are either to slow ,injured or just didn’t make the grade .How can it still be allowed in this day and age to still be happening 🤔.Amber is one of the lucky ones we found her and she’s coming home thousands aren’t so lucky and will never get this chance all because the very industry that is meant to protect them let’s them down over and over again .Dont let anyone tell you these dogs are treated like kings because they are not they are seen as money machines.You Bet They Die.Say no you greyhound racing .The blue collar has been taken off that is what Amber was wearing when rescued.

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