Exposure of the meat trade by Sunday Mirror!

Massive thank you to the Sunday Mirror for exposing the meat trade in China. I really hope people make the connection one day to other animals are they do the dogs. Candy Cane Rescue try and help other breeds of dogs in China but our main aim is to rescue greyhounds /hounds from the horrific meat trade and from tracks. Once the dogs have stopped racing they are sold for meat and killed in the most horrific ways. We must not forget why Candy Cane Rescue was formed. If it wasn’t for the racing industry no greyhounds would be in the meat trade in China. Country like Ireland, the UK and Australia have been sending greyhounds to main land China for years. The exported dogs are not sold for meat they are used are breeding machines but their off springs that get sold for meat. The greyhounds are no different to the dogs sitting in millions of people’s houses across the world. The pro racers have been banging on the last two years that NO Irish dogs or NO dogs raced on UK tracks have been sent to china 🤔. I have had wave after wave of abuse and been called a liar so many times for saying that our dogs are in China. Over the next few months a massive exposure will be made public and it will damage the industry and prove what I have been saying for the last two years. Thank you everyone who supports Candy Cane Rescue and Birmingham Greyhound Protection. Together both teams are making changes. Massive thank you to Callum Deacy and Plush for being so brave and to Yun Xiao DoeDoe for doing everything she does in China for the dogs and Candy Cane.

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