Key Bandit-Irish greyhound exported to Spain

Last week we were in touch with the owner in Spain of Key Bandit. He was bred and raced in Ireland then sold for breeding and racing in Spain. We agreed a price which was around £300. Key Bandit was bred that week with a white female greyhound who was going to be for sale once she had her pups. The day before our transport was going to collect, the owner texted to say he raced the night before and broke his leg so he is now no good. We tried getting him even with a broken leg and save him but it was too late Key Bandit was gone. In his short five years on this earth heraced in Ireland on IGB tracks but rather than him having a retirement he was sold for breeding in Spain. This boy had just been used and abused until his body gave up. We know the owner in Spain as we also had Joe from him racing name Moss Row Joe who arrived in the UK covered in scars. The reason I try so hard to get these dogs home, is because they should have never been sent there in the first place. We need to stop the exports on racing greyhounds and exposure like this will help. Also if we don’t help them who will ? The way I see it, is it does not matter in what country they are, they are still are our dogs. Rescues take Irish Rescue greyhounds from
Ireland all the time so surely there’s no difference if the dogs are in Ireland, Spain, China, they need our help. So gutted for this boy he was so so close of having a chance and that was taken away. Rest in peace 💔😥

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